Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Web Site

I have a new web site, ready to launch.

Whilst I have a ton of info on here, I am not going to be moving it all across.
It will however, all remain in place here, and relevant info to whatever I am currently working on will be moved across in due course.

My email will also change; kaz@fightingback.org.uk to reflect the new domain name; fightingback.org.uk

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Derek Slade Dead

Derek Slade is dead. 
His victims can finally find peace.
One more member of paedophile Information Exchange is gone!


Taking a trip down Slade memory name, we have....
A paedophile who was sentenced to 21 years in prison has links with a Labour politician who is a senior figure in the judicial system
Derek Slade, (pictured below whilst as teacher and now) who abused boys at the boarding school where he was headmaster in the Eighties, was given help in establishing a false identity by Derek ­Sawyer, former leader of Islington ­Council and now chair of the London Region Courts Board.
And then .... 
Derek Slade, a former boarding school headteacher, has been jailed for 21 years for sexually and physically abusing boys at schools in Wicklewood, Norfolk and Great Finborough, Suffolk at St Georges School.This saga has taken a further twist with allegations in the Daily Mail that Slade 'escaped police for years using an alias with the knowledge of a politician at the heart of Britain's justice system'.The report alleges that Derek Sawyer, a former leader of Islington Council and now head of the London Region Courts Board, helped Slade maintain a fake identity after Slade was first convicted of abuse in the 1980s. It also states that Sawyer and Slade jointly set up a limited company - International British Educational Projects - that allowed Slade to work with vulnerable children under his false name and with a fake CV.Sawyer took over the leadership of Islington Council in 1992. The Council was the subject of much criticism over its handling of a paedophile scandal in the 1980s.http://brynalynvictims.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/derek-slade-st-georges-school.html
But the one, for me, that stood out was....
THREE former Suffolk schools are now at the centre of criminal investigations into historic child abuse allegations.The accusations, which relate to alleged physical and sexual assaults, are said to have occurred between the late 1970s and run through to the 1990s.
A solicitor representing ex-pupils of one of the schools - Oakwood School in Stowmarket - has said the number of claimants has reached three figures.
Andrew Grove, who is based in Cambridge, said: “We now have 100 complainants on the civil claim relating to Oakwood School.”
Last week detectives said they were re-opening the 1992 inquiry into alleged abuse at Kesgrave Hall independent school.
The investigation, codenamed Operation Garford, comes after former students’ calls for it to be re-opened were backed by Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter.
Responding to the new inquiry, Dr Poulter said: “I am pleased that Suffolk Police are conducting a full and thorough investigation into the alleged child abuse at Kesgrave Hall school, following my intervention.
“A number of people have written to me raising concerns about abuse when they or their family members were pupils at the school, and I would again urge anyone who has been the victim of abuse to come forward and immediately contact Suffolk police.”
Four people were suspended in 1992 during the Kesgrave Hall inquiry. No charges were ever brought. The school closed in 1993.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Real Change Leeds

Video from Real Change Leeds, apologies for the shakey hands, (emotional subject!)
Posted by James Giblin on Monday, 1 February 2016

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Floods in Britain

Slightly off topic, 

This morning, I woke up to a steady "Drip."
It got more insistent as I tried to ignore it and I became convinced it was in the room, but in the dark could not pinpoint it.

This morning when I finally dragged my sorry behind from my pit, I went to grab clothes discarded at the bottom of the bed to discover they were p*!$£d wet through. 
Automatically preparing to blame the dog or the boyfriend, I felt a drip on my head....
Rain falling from the light fitting in my ceiling and, looking up, the ceiling appeared somewhat bowed. The estate agent says Tuesday earliest. He better hope the ceiling doesn't collapse I guess.

Yet as Britain faces some of the worst flooding it has ever suffered, I can only say..... Nature takes care of it's own. Finds ways to wash away the scum, burn off the excess, trim the fat.
The more this Country encroaches into open land, the less Nature there is to hold back the onslaught of the seasons....
Let's face it, this Country has enough grime that needs swilling away.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Peter Steen. Justice Fails

Having been on trial for 11 counts of violent crimes against children, not to even mention the cases which police decided were not "of merit" for court, Peter Steen was found Not Guilty on all counts.
Now look at the defence witness who purposely joined the support group on Facebook, thus putting himself open to direct interaction with prosecution witnesses - Contempt of Court.
Judge Parry, who, as a solicitor, represented most of the accused during the Waterhouse Inquiry - Insider info on events and prior knowledge of people. A Jury member would have to recuse themselves in similar circumstance.
Below is Daz Laverty's take on it
This man walked free from court on the judges orders today as the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision. Maybe they should  have read the publicly available Lost In Care Report. Everything below is taken from it. Justice? You having a laugh?
Peter Steen
The other main alleged physical abuser was Peter Steen, who has been named by 19 complainants.
Steen was about 36 years old when he joined the Community as a residential care worker at Bryn Alyn Hall.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Aston Hall Hospital, Derby.

Aston Hall Hospital, in Derby - owned by Nottingham City Council is another case about to come to the fore.

I would appeal to any survivors of Aston Hall to re-report abuses, and failings in previous investigations, to police and push now for answers.

The Nottingham CSA Action Group are working with survivors to support them as they come forward and prepare to make their statements to police.

A survivors support group can be found on Facebook

Calderdale Social Services

As a follow up to the protest rally we held in August, outside Northgate House in Halifax, a meeting has been arranged.
At 11am on Monday 16th November, I shall be attending with Russell Burton, a well known campaigner from Leeds, Stuart Smith and Jamiila Sims from social services, and Detective Chief Inspector Darren Minton from the police.
I will be raising the various concerns I have about past investigations and current staff issues, amongst other things.

If anyone wishes questions to be raised, please email me kazgray@gmail.com

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Request For Survivors, West Yorkshire

We need to get investigations moving in West Yorkshire.
We were treated as a trafficking "stagepost" by social services and other government authorities.
Survivors from all areas need to come forward and engage with the police and the Inquiry team, in an effort to stop the abuses carrying on with future generations.

193 Huddersfield Road, Halifax
Alloe Field View, Halifax
Beechcroft, Leeds
Brunswick Road, Bradford
Cousin Lane, Halifax
Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden
Eastmoor, Leeds
Fieldhead, Huddersfield
First Avenue, Bradford
Inglewood, Otley
Mixenden Old Hall, Halifax
Royds Edge, Huddersfield
Skircoat Lodge, Halifax
Thorpe Arch, Wetherby
Tong Park, Baildon
Westgarth, Elland
Whinmoor Children's Home. Leeds

to name but a few of the institutions needing further investigation.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Breach Of Information

Ok, back at the start of the year, I had an email from somebody claiming to be an employee of Prospects for Young People (Steven Elliot - ex BA director) asking for any info I could give on Elliot.
They stated they wished to know as there was some "inappropriate expenditure" on his business credit card. 5* hotels in London and gay porn mostly.
I got them to give me the site names he had been looking at and ran a check on them.
Last month I received a phone call from Wrexham council, asking for any information I could give them on Prospects for Young People, Steven Elliot and his connections to BA.
Now for the bit you aint gonna like........
Wrexham council got my phone number from NSPCC. They were also given FULL details of all the abuse I suffered in care.
NSPCC are the ones handling the phone lines for the Independent Inquiry into CSA.
I had submitted the info regarding Prospects on a research/child protection basis, not as a survivor.
The abuse I suffered has no bearing on Elliots improper use of his business account.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

IICSA Meets Nottingham Support Group

A report ran on itv that the "Goddard Inquiry" was to meet with a support group for survivors....

Now, I do know this view will be unpopular with some.....but......

Erm.... why does it take a group to get their attention? 
According to the email I received, all individuals have the right to present evidence to the inquiry. 
Next steps
If you would like to attend a private session or give a written statement, you will first need to
complete the short set of questions below:
● The name and address of the institution(s) where you suffered child sexual abuse
● Your age at the time the abuse began and ended
● The year the abuse began and ended
● Did anyone in authority know about the abuse that you suffered? If yes, was there anything
they could have done about it? If no, were any signs ignored by a person in authority?
● If you would like to share your experience, would you prefer to attend a private session or
complete a written statement?
If you choose to attend a private session, we will then be able to make contact you with and
arrange a suitable time for you to attend a private session. Please note that you may have to wait
until the your local Inquiry office is opened before you share your experience with us.

The people represented by the group, each have evidence in abundance to give the inquiry.
A support group, representing all of the survivors in the area will end up running out of time on any meeting and never getting everyone's point across to the panel. In my own, personal opinion, each individual survivor needs to be contacting the inquiry and putting their own case forward.
Yes, by all means, Unite for the protests and rallies, to raise awareness and support, but why let somebody go before the panel and do a half-assed job of putting your life forward?
Only You can convey the true effect it had upon your life. The true scale of the damage.
How can you expect one man to explain dozens of lives, impacts, consequential knock-on effects, in one - or even five sessions? And who are we to put so much evil knowledge in one innocent mind?